Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vacation's over

My husband had some time off for the last week and a half, so we've been all over the place with the family having fun. This didn't leave me much time to do any blog updating. I've also been having trouble accessing Blogger lately, so when I was somewhere with high speed (We can't get any high speed out here that doesn't cost a small fortune), I took the opportunity to upload all my recent pictures onto this page to edit at a later time (Thanks, Mom!).

Since everything is all whacko for me on here, the order of these finds is a little off as well. I'll just go through them one at a time...

This was all the stuff I picked up on my way to do some grocery shopping. It wasn't even garbage day in the town I passed through, but it was recycling day. I don't know if people thought this stuff was recyclable, or if they just did a big clean up and decided to bring everything to the curb at the same time.

A box full of "Moon Lights". When I first plugged them in nothing happened, but then I noticed a sensor on the box. I covered it with my thumb, and the sensor thought it was dark, so it turned on the lights :) They all work except for one that has a burnt bulb. I'll have to go to the hardware store and find a replacement, which will probably cost about $6. In the meantime, they are in my garden and I love them. They give off a nice soft yellow light, unlike the harsh blue light of the other solar lights I brought home a few weeks ago. I'll try to get a night time picture of them in my garden for my next entry.

Next stop had a few boxes out. This old beat up box says "Noël"...Christmas

Inside were a ton of lights.

Of course, they still worked. They were probably thrown out because they weren't the newer LED lights. What a waste :(

The other box contained a bunch of fake vegetables (some with tags still on), a hen and duck made of straw, and a candle holder. My middle son was thrilled to see all the veggies as he wants to be a chef and open his own restaurant some day...despite the fact that he is the world's pickiest eater and would never eat any of the veggies represented in this box.

Another day I found this pile by the curb. As you can see, they will be moving out soon.

This is my car stuffed full after collecting all that looked good and salvageable.

Here are some of the bags once I dragged them into the house. I love it when people use clear bags. It makes it much easier to see everything hiding inside :)

I'm sure someone can use this baby tub again, it's in excellent condition.

One of the bags contained this complete queen sized bedding set. One duvet cover, 2 pillow shams and a decorative pillow.

A framed french inspirational poster.

This giant human sized Rudolph is awesome, but we don't have the room for him. Plus sitting there on that chair, he has freaked out my husband and I more than once this week with us thinking some stranger was sitting in our dining room. I'll be trying to sell him once Christmas gets closer.

Here is what the clear bags ended up containing...There is a wooden shelf, working Hello Kitty watch, Tigger pen, pencil, some kiddie and adult jewellery (nothing valuable), a nice elephant keychain,  Dora the Explorer and Tinkerbelle change purses for kids, an adult purse, a few reusable kids bags, a halloween tie and bandana, Hannah Montana hairbrush, easter basket, various craft beads, and a few french magazines including a french Twilight fan book.

A black garbage bag contained all these stuffed animals, 4 of them with the tags still on, and the grey gorilla in the front that was still wrapped in plastic.

And a Smith-Corona typewritter

Yet another stop had me find these 2 boxes full of kitchen stuff.

After going through them I ended up with one box full of pots and pans for the second hand store.

This wine glass was wrapped up, but unfortunately didn't survive the dump. It's too bad, the design/logo on it was nice.

Out of the boxes I got a blue folded plastic table cloth (which will be good for when my kids paint), a wine bag, an unused t-shirt from a Relay for Life run, 2 unused aprons from a local bank, and promotional apron from Hunt's Tomato Sauce.

There were also various items like candles (one still wrapped in plastic) and a glass candle holder, a soft cheese cutter, bottle openers, utensils and tray (the can opener still has the $3.99 price tag on it), a plush magnetic Mickey Mouse, an unused cat collar, small sink plug still in the package, some sort of small raviolli maker and some saucers.

Here is my cat Gracie grudgingly modeling the collar

There was also a wooden cheese cutter, but the wood was looking pretty cruddy, so I managed to pop out the ceramic tile/trivet so it can be used again.

There was also a cute vintage pan in good condition, and some BBQ tools. However, I threw the basting brushes out because I don't want to risk donating anything that could be contaminated with raw meat juice.

Last but not least, this table cloth. It seems to be wine themed with scenes of a European city.

My husband was with me when I did my weekly drop off, so he snapped this picture of me putting a box full of stuff into the local donation bin.

I also got a chance to go to my comic/video game guy on the weekend and brought him all the various comics and video game stuff I have collected in the last few months. I managed to make $45... which was quickly depleted by my 2 older boys when they ran up to me waving some second hand video games they wanted. Easy come, easy go!

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