Monday, October 2, 2017


I took a bit of a break from the blog for the last several months because I just couldn't keep up. The kids were home for the summer, so between taking them out on little day trips to enjoy the outdoor to have fun, and them always hogging up the computer to watch videos on you tube, play games and chat with their friends, I just couldn't get a good chunk of alone time to crank out a new post. 

Once they went back to school, I found myself with about a million pictures of garbage treasures and I couldn't figure out where to start, so I procrastinated a bit. I decided to enjoy my new found freedom, as now all of my kids were in school full time and it was just me, myself, and I at home with sweet, sweet silence. Then, the back to school sicks kids, new germs and the immune systems are put to the test. Week after week another kid came home sick. My youngest was sick for a week, went back to school for 2 days, and then came back sick all over again!

Finally, everyone was back at school, and I tried to get going again. I figured if I made one post of all the stuff I had found over the last few months, you'd be scrolling for hours as this page would go on forever. I tried coming up with a quick and simple idea to showcase everything, and came up with a slide show. Now, I'm not the most savvy blogger out there, so I wasn't sure how to get a slide show working. I wasted so much time searching and googling trying to get something working. It's incredibly frustrating getting all those files uploaded, getting the code in the page, and then finding out it doesn't work... Or that the "free" slideshow maker you used isn't really free after all. Ug. I finally got everything together, was 95% done, and then it was my turn to get attacked by all those school germs.

So, here I sit all snotty after spending pretty much the last week in bed fighting this awful cold, typing away, and hoping that when I click publish, you won't be seeing a big empty space below.

Grab a coffee, and enjoy checking out some highlights from the last few months :)

Keep your eyes out for treasure (stay healthy!), and happy picking!