Friday, December 16, 2016

Spring Cleaning - Part 2

Alright, I finally have a bit of time to get into part 2 of my spring cleaning garbage adventure. This area was not as big as some of the others, but it still gave up some awesome stuff.

I picked up a few art pieces as usual. The first 2 are oil paintings, and the one on the right is a print.

Not much electronics wise this time, just a DVD, a PS2 Game and a lone xbox 360 remote 

Kids stuff included this baby bead toy

A big box full of Archie comics. I love these things, I got into them as a kid, and I still read them to this day. Though I got to admit, the more modern ones aren't as good as the classics. 

A box full of magnetic building toys

Stuff for the home included this set of 4 hand stitched cat coasters

This cool stone ware baking set 

A digital toaster which worked perfectly fine. This was at a pile that seemed like a move out pile and I think they just thought the toaster was to crumb-y to pack up. It' s like they just didn't want to deal with getting crumbs everywhere on everything so they just thought it would be easier to toss. It's the only explanation I can think of as to why it was tossed.

 Misc. kitchen stuff...

and more misc. kitchen stuff

This wired tea light candle holder tree is really pretty, but I was afraid my little guy would end up running into it and gouging an eye out, so I quickly sold it for $10

Some Christmas decor

These spiral trees were still stored in their boxes

I set them up, they still worked, and I quickly sold them. Easy peasy!

I also found some items that were new with tags still on them...

This pretty butterfly mug was still in the box

And this kids highchair

 Folds flat for easy storage!

Tags and instructions still attached

And now we get to some of my favourite stuff to find...the vintage stuff :)

A pristine Olympia typewritter

These DIY fix it book for Ford and Chevy

A cool wire coat rack

And this amazing retro lamp with a fiberglass shade

Glass medicine bottles

The box on the left is a game called "Hurry Waiter!". Unfortunately it's empty, but I grabbed it anyways because I love the graphics. The  other box is a complete puzzle of the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Lastly is the most valuable find of this run. This is a send away hockey marble game board from Post cereal. From what I've found out online, the little game player marbles were included inside the cereal boxes, and you had to send away for the game board. This is that game board and it is still with the original box it was mailed in. Unfortunately, there were no hockey marbles in the pile. With the marbles, this would go for over $400...But, as is, with the original box, I can still get about $150-200 for it...that is, if I decide to sell it. I have a few hockey fans in the house who think this is the coolest thing ever. I'll update if I ever sell it.

So, that's another adventure! Part 3 of 4 will be coming up soon, with a little bit about my 2016 selling total.
Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season, and many treasures for the new year!