Friday, November 13, 2015

Last rites

As usual, I'm going to tell you how busy I have gotten and how behind I am on this blog. I have really been focused on selling lately to get stuff out of my storage shed. Now that garage sale season is pretty much over for the year, I find stuff is starting to pile up a bit. I really don't like it when things get too messy or cluttered, as it seems to anger and frustrate me. I definitely notice myself getting grumpier the more I have stuff I have strewed around.

Here are some finds I got from a large pile close to home...
A vintage Olymplus Trip camera with a Sunpak flash and all the manuals

Unused and still in the box Magic Bag

This vintage  Lady Sunbeam razor (it still works!)

I love the blue peacock(?) graphic on it

A bottle of Ernest & Julio Gallo wine

A nice vintage leather flask set

 I also found some various stuff in a bag... 40 cents in change, an old pocket knife, an old Boy Scout (I think) pin, a small religious medallion, a gold stud earring, and a rosary

I thought this old Donald Duck night light cover was cute

This cross was also thrown out, it looked kind of old, and when I was looking it over I noticed that it had a sliding panel. Turns out it is a last rites set.

Inside is a small bottle that is to be filled with holy water, a spot to hold and burn 2 candles, and an instruction sheet on when to call the priest.

 Here are the instructions, you can click on the picture to enlarge it so it's easier to read.

 These old photos were also in the pile. I love looking at old photos to get a glimpse of what life was like back then.

 The rest of the finds from that spot include this beautiful amethest costume jewellery necklace

It's kind of hard to see but the smaller "diamonds" have a pinkish hue

An autographed postcard of whoever this guy is...Anyone recognize him?

This chef that holds a bottle or something kitchen-y

Another pile that looked like a big clean up included...

This working perfectly drill

Still wrapped and never used Life preserver, pool noodle, and Christmas wrapping paper

Glass chess set 

A pair of camping chairs

Other little things picked up here and there include...

The larger mushroom pot on the right. The next day I found it's smaller match at the second hand store :) I put a plant in the larger one as I believe it's missing a lid, and the smaller one now holds all my pens and pencils on my desk

I always save art, no matter how bad I may think it is 

I actually spotted this adorable snowman in a pile at the side of the road on a 3 hour drive to visit my sister in law. I grabbed him, threw him in the back, and kept on truckin'. He has a giant sping inside so he weebles and wobbles in the wind.

SalĂ© & Pelletier ( a gold metal Canadian figure skating pair) skates 

Snowman tea light candle holders

A gold leafed sun mirror 

 More "junk" jewellery

and this dresser. I normally don't take such large pieces, but my son had the same one that had one corner swell up and get ruined when we had a leak in our roof. It was still useable and not really noticeable, but it still bugged me. You can see a bit of the trim popping off on this one along the right front/side edge, but a little glue and a clamp fixed it right up.

And that's that for this entry, keep looking out for treasures, and happy picking!