Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Favourites

For the last entry of 2017, I wanted to feature some of my favourite and best finds of the year. Even though this is a long post, I still had to skip lots of finds because I just didn't have the time to keep up with the blog this year. So by cramming it all into this last post, I can get 2017 out of the way and have a fresh start for 2018.

2017 was a bit of a challenge weather wise as it seemed to rain constantly on my garbage days ruining so many good pieces. I found that once again this year there just hasn't been as much garbage/waste as in previous years. I don't know if this is because of the economy (fewer people moving, and more saving/re-purposing) or if people are actually being more consciously aware of waste, and donating or recycling their goods. 

I was also rained out of 2 town wide garage sales, and missed 2 due to health issues and relatives visiting. I held one garage sale at my home, and planned on another one for the fall, but we were hit with surprise construction on our road. We had to follow a huge detour for 3 months which would also have deterred many garage salers. The road finally opened up just before the holidays, but I heard it will be closed off again for 3 weeks in the spring to finish the work.

I had set myself a goal this year of at least breaking last years total ($4260.80) and trying to hit the $5000 mark. Despite all the set backs this year, as of this entry, my total is $5109.05. I'm hoping to do just as well next year :)

So on to some of the better finds of the year...

A Little Tykes Play Set

All from one spot was a huge collection of Littlest Pet Shop Toys and some very well kept Monster High dolls.

From else wear, an adorable Disney Princess furniture set. Inside the bins were 2 unopened princess puzzles

This beautiful driftwood lamp by Bombay

Brand new skates, still in the box

 In a clear bag full of papers, I spotted this carved duck and promptly rescued him.

All of the following was thrown out once a staged model home sold...

 From another pile, an entire Christmas Village

and some animatronic Christmas figures as well...

This one has Santa snoring while the Mrs does some knitting

This Santa from another pile was still in the box with his styrofoam packing. The price on it says $74.99, with a red sale price of $69.99

A large hanging wooden wrist watch clock

An amazing antique chair. I pulled up to the curb to save this just as it started drizzling. So glad it didn't get ruined by the rain.

Underneath you can see the old strapping they used when it was made. 

A fantastic mid-century chair. I love this colour so much, and it reminds me of a chair my grandparents used to have in Holland, so it was a definite keeper.

A tea set with 24k gold detailing

A small play kitchen set

 A mid-century Gibard dresser

A small statue that represents family (I think)

A teak mid-century Renel art piece

An older slow cooker that works perfectly fine as you can see by the chicken I ended up cooking in it

Some of many kids bikes all in excellent condition

Complete small kitchen appliances


Skylander figures for the Nintendo Wii system

This small bench was originally beige, but it looked bleh. The metal was in excellent shape so I knew if I recovered it, it would look fabulous! :)

 Thomas the Train toy bin

Warm mist humidifier, still in the box and working perfectly

A really cool and colourful mid-century needlepoint

And this painting

A solid wood table

and these adorable vintage side tables

Car ramps

An older Pfaff sewing machine. These things were built to last an it still ran perfectly.

Wood carvings signed by P.E.Caron. Apparently they are quite collectible. You can read a small history bit here: P.E. Caron

On the back is also a stamp saying it was hand carved by the artist, and the people who bought it wrote a note that they had purchased it at Expo 1967

 A bin full of LED Christmas lights

Funky retro foot stool

An Ikea Trofast storage system. The colours coincidentally match my bathroom, and I had been looking for something to store all the kids bath toys and stuff, so that's where it went. A perfect fit :)

This canvas print is painted to give it texture. It still has the protective plastic bumpers on the corners and you can see the price tag that is stuck on the back through the upper left corner.

 I can't believe someone would also throw out this cool faux marble statue and pillar

Here is what it looks like put together

A cute kids play desk from the late 70's

A Sophia & Sam lap desk for books, tablets, or laptops with a little lamp. It looks completely unused. I found the same one at for $89.99

A beautiful little mirrored cabinet.

This thing looks like a helmet worn by music group Daft Punk, but it's actually an ionic hair dryer. At the curb and not a thing wrong with it!

An ergonomic desk chair to help keep your back and posture straight.

A beautiful mirror

I found a bag containing 120 DVD's. Some of these are box sets, so there's actually more than 120. There's a few loose bootlegs in there, but everything else in the cases are real and in perfect shape.

A dog carrier with 2 little coats that were stuffed inside

I also decided to check out a dollar store dumpster after one of my runs which fell a few days after Halloween. Inside I found boxes full of unsold stuff. You can see some of the things on the left that got wet because after I pulled it all out, the skies opened up and it torrential poured on me. I got completely soaked.  I ended up donating everything :)

This wreath was still in it's kind of beat up packaging. The snowmen have the logo of my husband and son's favourite hockey team on them.

Once I got home I put it right up on our door. It had the honor of being the first Christmas decoration we put up for the year :)


And now my top 3 finds of the year...

At number 3 is this beautiful antique torchiere floor lamp. I almost didn't see it, the shade was just popping out from a discarded couch, and it just barely caught my eye as I drove past, so I quickly turned around to check it out. How it didn't get smashed or broken is a miracle, as all their junk was just haphazardly thrown into a pile at the end of the driveway. I'm guessing the couch happened to cushion the lamp as it was tossed. I couldn't find the exact model online, but some of them are quite pricey on ebay.

The old original cord

The shade is just gorgeous with a nice intricate little border. The shades alone sell on ebay for quite a price as well.


My next great find for the year came as a little surprise in an old bag. I had stopped at a pile and saw that there was a lot of neat old stuff being throw out, stuff like 1950's car parts, old sewing stuff, and some old religious knickknacks. I was tossing stuff in my car when I came across an old tattered bag.  I curiously looked inside and saw some old wooden blocks, and a few toys. I just threw it into my car and didn't look at it further until I got home and dumped it all out in a box on my kitchen floor. This is how it looked when I dumped it:

 Right there in the middle was this super cool old wind up tin toy.

I knew tin toys were collectible, but I wasn't sure on the value. I looked this one up and didn't find an exact value, but I did find this one which is estimated to fetch around £150 - £200. That's about $255 - $340 CAN or $200 - $270 US. I'm hoping this one will be worth as much as it's in great condition!

Lastly, my number one find of the year are these fantastic mid-century nude pastels. They are signed by L.R. Batchelor, a Canadian illustrator whose work is included in the national archives of Canada. He did mainly historical scenes, illustrations for children's books, and has military and world war II illustrations at the Canadian War museum

I brought these to a local "Antiques roadshow" event to have them looked over and confirm that they were from the same artist, and to see if they had any value. I had no idea on the value because I couldn't find anything of his for sale online. I figured maybe they were worth about  $50-$75 each. The appraiser was quite interested in them as nudes were not the artists usual subject. 

 He checked them out quite thoroughly with a loupe, and he agreed that the signatures definitely matched up.

The signature on one of the nudes :

 and an example of the signature on one of the war sketches:

There is some "foxing" on the paper which is due to the fact that acid-free papers were not in use back then like they are now. However, he said this didn't really bring down the value that much as nudes are always valuable and in demand. He said that if they were well framed, he would have them in his shop for between $350- $400 each. Wow!

And with that, I wish you all a fantastic new year filled with great finds and treasures of your own :) Happy holidays, keep your eyes out for treasure, and happy picking!