Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Forgotten Folder

I can not wait for it to warm up, winter is driving me nutty... just when most of the ice and snow has melted, I woke up today and and saw that the world was covered in a fresh coating of ice again. Ug. A few weeks ago I fell on some ice and ended up with a black and blue sprained my wrist. That kind of put a damper on my driving and picking, and it's made me fearful of slipping again.

I was just looking through some of my photo folders and it seems I forgot to post a few pictures from last summer, so if you notice all that nice green grass in some of them, you'll know why :) Oh, I can not wait to see you again green grass! Soon I'll be doing some runs with the windows down, feeling that breeze, and listening to the birdies chirping. I can't wait :)

So here are the pics from that forgotten folder...

A Barbie bike that was in almost perfect condition. It looked so good that I almost felt like I was stealing this. I couldn't believe it was being tossed, but it was clearly out with a few other outdoor toys and the rest of the other garbage.

A nice glass patio coffee table

 Grapevine Christmas stars

2 vintage kids desks

Some prints

This perfectly wrapped papasan chair. It seems it was wrapped up for a move, or maybe storage. I can only guess that once the people brought it into their house, that they couldn't find a spot for it that fit and just decided to put it at the curb instead. It boggles the mind. Anyways, I kept it wrapped up and gave it to my sister in law who ended up moving into her own apartment and needed some furniture.

This adorable play cube

A pristine pair of girls Barbie skates, a set of 4 bowls still in the box, and a pair of boys shoes with the tags still on them. They were the perfect size and I thought to myself "Thank you! I won't need to buy my kid indoor shoes for school this year!"

Another Dyson Ball vacuum. This is the second one I have found now. I have no idea why this was tossed... as you can see the bin is halfway full because I tested it around the house and it works fine. I do have to say that the ball does make the brush head turn in all kinds of directions which felt odd, it felt a bit floppy and weird compared to a regular vacuum. I wasn't crazy about the way it handled, so maybe the person who tossed it wasn't either and just decided to go back to a standard vacuum. Who knows...

A nice wooden file cabinet

A huge tribal mask wall decoration

2 amazing retro chairs

2 sad looking plants that I nursed back to health. I hate seeing plants thrown out, especially in the winter when they are sure to die. They are living things and it makes me feel terrible to see them tossed in the trash. My living room is full of plants that I have saved. I really have too many, so I might sell some of them at my garage sales this year. I've kind of become attached to them though, so we'll see ;)

This plant wasn't real, but I grabbed it anyways because it looked great

Once I got it home, I found this tag nestled among the leaves. Quite an expensive piece of trash!

2 bags full of baby and kids clothes waiting to get washed and donated

A nice vintage cross stitch

A door way jumper for babies

 Unused make up

A pair of plant stands. Despite my many plants, I didn't need these, so I donated them :)

And this adorable hand painted chest. I know a lady who has taken in and raised orphaned racoons, so I knew she was the perfect person to give it to :)

That's all for this entry :) If you're keeping your face up to the sun to stay warm, don't forget to look around for all those treasures, and happy picking!