Friday, November 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning - Part 1

For the next few posts, I'm going to focus on all my finds from the big spring clean up that happened this year. Every year all the local townships do a spring clean-up where people can throw whatever they want out at the curb. Usually people have to bring it to the dump themselves, or pay a small fee to throw out anything more than the towns imposed 2 bag limit.

Bigger townships split their area up and do one section every weekend, but the smaller ones do it one weekend only. Last year it was pretty spread out, but this year they almost all decided to do it on the same weekend. It was insanity and a lot of driving. My sister in law and niece were also visiting for that weekend, and since they had seen and heard of all my treasures, they asked if they could come with me.

It was really nice and fun having other people to go with. We were out the entire day and came home with a completely packed car. We even managed to find a cargo roof bin in someones pile, hook it up to the top of my van, and fill it with stuff.

So here is a look at the stuff picked up on week 1...

Lots of kid stuff...



 A vintage ET and Cabbage Patch Doll

 Also what I guess was a competitor to the Easy Bake Oven, the Micro Lite Oven from Robin Hood

 The heat from the light bulb in this lamp makes a scene twirl around. The images then get projected onto the wall. This one had a Noah's Ark theme

Some decorative items...

"Arrr! I'll be keeping all your change safe from looters!" I love this pirate piggy bank. I thought it only appropriate to photograph him in front of my fish tank :)

Christmas stuff...


This vintage Panasonic Radio/TV is pretty cool. I can just imagine kids in the 70's lugging this thing to the beach in the summer.

A box full of Sony Playstation stuff

And Xbox as well

A nice working alarm clock/radio 

Lots of art...

 This first paining is my favourite. I called him "Armando". This painting gives off a total "Godfather" vibe to me for some reason.

However, on the back it says "Bobby (in his 30's)" I'm still going to call him Armando though :P 

Vintage prints

The one in the middle here is actually an old colorized photo...

Here is a closer look at it 

Its signed by someone..

No clues on the back as to the date or photographer unfortunately

I tried to enhance the photo so you could see the colorization

Some other mics stuff...

A coffee bean grinder

A Joshua Perrets Purse

Some DVD box sets

This cool marble ashtray

These cute vintage french books

I love the old illustrations...

This sexy cat costume

An old street sign

A prayer mat

This nice wall lamp

Some nicely carved wood sculptures

The one on the left is signed "Vladimir". If anyone has any info about these, I'd love to hear it.

 I found this box marked "Wreath war"

Inside was this unused commemorative wreath. I donated this to a legion in a near by town

This waste basket is one of my favourite finds. It didn't look like anything special at first. I just grabbed it at a pile and loaded it up with a few more things I had grabbed and threw it all into my car.

Once I got home I got a good look at it and I knew it was old. I looked up the name printed on the bottom, "The Massillon Wire  Basket Co.", and found out this garbage basket is over 100 years old!

Lastly, and sadly, I also pulled this pelt out of a bag. At first I thought it was a calf, but now I believe it to be a cougar. Some poor animal had to die to be somebody's wall decoration, only to be thrown in the trash once someone got tired of looking at his coat on the wall.

That's all for part 1, stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!
Keep looking out for treasures, and happy picking!