Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Canada Day

It's been sweltering hot the last few days. I was going to go to the parade with my husband and kids, but we didn't want to cook in the sun on the sidewalk, so we just decided to stay in the pool today.

I took my 2 older kids over to the little convenience store in town to get some Slush to help them cool off, and when I did, I noticed someone had their garbage out a bit early. A family friend lives right next door and she had mentioned that her neighbour was elderly, that his family was selling his house, and that he was being moved to a retirement home.

Trash put out before garbage day in front of a house for sale tells me that someone is, or was, in there clearing it out. I looped the car around and went to check it out. There was a brown duffle bag on the ground with the bags, and when I peeked inside, I saw a small leather pouch amongst a few other things. I grabbed that, and another garbage bag, and tossed it into my van. I peeked into the trash can as well and found a bunch of black and white photos.

Once home, I got everything sorted out.

The black garbage bag contained a few folded sheets (the most awesome one being a twin sized Pink Panther sheet), pillowcases, and a funky flowery blanket. There were also some baseball hats, place mats, a straw trivet, unused J-Cloths and cheese cloth, and a large, possibly unused basmati Rice bag from India.

The brown duffle bag contained 2 leather pouches, some plastic doo-hickies that insert into a shoe to keep it's shape, 2 reusable shopping bags that fold up into their own little pouch with a zipper, an unused emergency poncho, a small Christmas gift bag, and a camera bag.

All the black and white pictures are horse racing photos from 1959 & 1960 featuring winning horses, their riders, their owners, and some of their stats. The horses names are: Success Eloise, Miss Barbara Po Ka Bout, Trickie Grattan, Rebel Riggs, Joan Mite, Success Stormy, & Royal Direct B. The races took place at Blue Bonnets and Richelieu Park. Blue Bonnets is a pretty famous race track in Montreal, but I have never heard of Richelieu Park. I tried looking up the horses on Google, but couldn't find any info on them.

From this haul, I'm going to keep the Pink Panther sheet, the leather pouches, the rice bag, the reusable shopping bags will go one each into my, and my husbands, cars for those just in case scenarios, and the flower blanket. Everything else will go to the second hand store.

I wish I had a girl to use this flower blanket for because I just love the awesome 70's flower pattern...The best I can do is use the picture below as the background wallpaper for my cellphone.

Here is also a closeup look at the Pink Panther sheet...

Hope you all had a fun Canada Day, even if you don't celebrate it!


  1. Great blog, nice finds here as well. I see that "for sale" sign in front of the house, always a good omen that there could be something good in the trash - especially in suburban areas.

    Where do you live if you don't mind me asking?


  2. I'm out in the country. I don't want to give out the exact location on here, but I'm off of the island of Montreal, west, close to the Ontario border. :)

  3. Will you sell some of your stuff? I wish I was closer because I would buy the flowery sheets. They're vintage and fun! Keep going! I will now follow your blog as well as Martin's.

  4. Thanks for following me roubarbe! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the flower blanket yet. A friend expressed interest in it. I love it, but I guess I'll have to sell it or I'll end up becoming a hoarder!