Thursday, September 17, 2015

Before and after

As you'll see in this post, I didn't pick up much this time. The housing market in this area has really been dead. I see houses around here that have been for sale for months and months on end. When I browse the real estate website for this area, I see the same stuff over and over...nobody's buying, nobody's selling. I'm pretty sure this down turn is what's leading me to finding less stuff. The less people are moving, the less stuff gets thrown out because they just don't want to move it, don't have the room in the truck to move it, it doesn't fit in the new place, or they don't have the time to donate it.

I've also noticed a lot more piles of renovation junk like ripped out walls, toilets, counters, sinks, etc... which is making me wonder if people just staying where they are and updating what they've already got.

So here are the few things I did end up finding...

At one pile I picked up this nice little organizer box. I heard some rattling inside, and when I got home, I found some fishing gear inside. The 3 replacement hockey blades will come in handy here since my kids love wrecking hockey sticks, and the level worked perfectly and went right into my husbands workshop

 This LeapFrog activity table worked perfectly once I put batteries in as well. My little one is having fun with it for now, but once he gets tired of it, it will be an easy sell.

This tin sleigh was cute, and I think we'll be able to fill it with goodies as a gift basket for the school Christmas fundraiser  

Someones green thumb probably turned black pretty quickly, as these pots still have very new Homesense price tags underneath them. The 2 larger ones in the back are priced at $12.99 and the smaller one in the front is $5.99

This rice cooker is also like new and works just fine. I'll probably sell this as I don't eat that much rice to justify it taking up the room, and I usually cave to the convenient microwave packs :)

My kids loved this Spongebob chair

There 2 stools were a bit wrecked, but still very solid, and the folding mechanism still worked beautifully, so I grabbed them

Up close you can see the damage on the seats...what looks like 2 small burn holes on the one on the left, rips, tears, scuff marks, etc...

Remember all those beautiful bolts of fabric I found not too long ago? 


I didn't plan on them coming out diagonally, but when I screwed the first seat on, I guess I didn't put it on right, but I liked the way it looked, so I just rolled with it

Nice, plush, and fluffy velour :)

Not only do they look better now, but they are cushier as well :) I have them up for sale at $10 for the pair (a great deal I think since they retail at just under $20 each), but so far no bites. I might try another sale site or 2, but if they don't move fast enough, I'll have to put them out in my storage shed for the garage sale pile where they will be priced even lower to move out quickly.

Until my next post :) Keep looking out for treasures, and happy picking!


  1. Nice job on the stools and I love the sleigh!

  2. I love how the stools turned out. Hopefully someone will buy them soon.