Monday, October 27, 2014

Second Visits

This weeks finds almost all came from the same curbs I visited in the past few weeks. The place where I found "The Box of Sadness" had skipped a few garbage days, but this week I found another big pile at their curb, including a mattress and a couch. I'm guessing someone finally made it back to the place to clean it out again. Most of the bags looked and felt like they contained the usual household garbage (I've gotten pretty good at figuring out what's in the bags just by feeling them up a bit :p) but 2 of them did feel like they contained some good stuff, I took a peek inside, confirmed that they looked good and threw them into my car. Can you see what caught my eye in this bag?

Yup, that's a Sega Genesis console peeking out. Along with that, there was also a picture frame with the stock photos still inside (It did have a few dings on the edge of the frame, nothing serious though), a fire safety DVD, a hotel soap still wrapped, a hair clip, a Coby Snapp mini camcorder/camera, some kind of magnetic building game, and a complete Nintendo Game Cube system with a Mario Kart Double Dash disk inside.

The next bag at this spot had a bunch of Lego pieces inside with about 4 empty Bioncle containers. Since I had no way of knowing what pieces went with what container, I just jammed it all into one. There was also a gift bag full of empty gift bags and tissue, a small bag of stryrofoam balls for crafts, 3 double ended dry erase markers, a pencil case full of pencils, pens, erasers, etc.. a small battery operated radio, linking star erasers, a small bracelet, some kind of small camera lens, 3 dinky cars, a small collection of Bakugans, a bunch of stickers, and a quarter.

Amongst all the Lego pieces in the bottom of the bag, I was surprised to find this Hipstreet 2G MP3 Video player.

Next up were 2 spots that had for sale signs up. The first pile looked promising, because there was a chair and boxes out, but on closer inspection, it looked more like a shed clean out. There were a bunch of old crappy looking garden tools, plastic pots, and planters. However I did manage to take away this ceramic planter which will make a cute Halloween decoration. I'm not sure if I should paint a carved pumpkin face on it, or plant one of those small ornamental pepper plants I often see for sale at the grocery store. Maybe I'll just do both :)

Also on the chair of this pile, under some loose paper and plastic was this beautiful handled box. It has 4 compartments inside and seems to be a tea box.

The next spot was another move out pile. They left all their stuff at the curb right by their For Sale sign. I grabbed one box, a bag, and a really nice flowered travel bag that looks like it hasn't ever been used.

Inside was a drawer organizer device still in the box, 7 paperbacks, a heating blanket, an alarm clock radio, an atlas of the body, a small clock and a tea tin full of jacks.

There were also a few framed art pieces and some needle point pieces inside

In the bag was a woodworking magazine, a few more books, a ball, a kettle wrapped up in it's plastic packaging, and a very old GPS

Can you imagine having to carry this clunker around?

Technology has come a long way, hasn't it? It's too bad people think it's disposable enough to throw out.

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