Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weekend Treasures

The past weekend was pretty nice, so I guess some people took advantage of that and decided to clean up before fall gets here. This of course means that I ended up coming across some nice treasures while we were out and about.

On Saturday, I spotted a child bike seat carrier. It conveniently had all the parts needed to hook it up attached in a little baggie. That is a lot easier than rummaging through boxes and bags for them! I appreciate that this home owner at least made it easier knowing that someone would probably come by to pick through his stuff. I sold the last bike carrier I found at a garage sale for $10. This one is a lot nicer so I think I'll start it at $25 and see how it goes.

On Sunday while on a family day trip, we passed through a small town in eastern Ontario called Finch. One of the houses on the main road had a pile of stuff at the curb, so I made my husband pull over the car so I could rummage around.

Inside a box full of old computer speakers and wire, I pulled out this old Nintendo video game. This will go into my keep pile for when I go visit my video/comic guy again. I don't think it's worth much, but something is better than nothing :)

Sitting up against some old aquariums was also these 2 wall candle holders. I thought they looked neat, so I grabbed them too.

On the way home from our trip, my husband had to stop at the gas station, which meant we took another road home. There is a home on that road that I know is for sale, and at their curb was a bunch of stuff. Our van was totally stuffed with our cooler, the kids, and fishing stuff, so there definitely wasn't any room for picking up more stuff. I told my husband that the minute we got home, I would be getting into my van and driving back to check it out.

Once I got there, I was glad to see that nobody else had gotten there before me because I was sure I spotted a beautiful room divider, and I was right. There was also an old chair, car seat, stainless steel sink, some cruddy looking electric tools, and some various old brown glass jugs. The chair still had a piece of green painters tape stuck to the back rung with $5.00 written on it. I guess this stuff didn't sell at their garage sale.

The room divider was extremely heavy. I don't even know how I managed to get it into my van by myself without giving myself a hernia. My husband helped me get it into the house and he thought it must weigh about 80 pounds. It's pretty old, I'm gonna guess 1940's, but it may even be older. The houses around here are as old as the 1800's, and this house I found it at is one of them. The hinges are also reversible so you can turn the panels to whatever way you prefer.We got out our bathroom scale and put the divider on top...65 pounds.

The chair is also older. On the bottom I saw there are holes around the perimeter, so I think it once had a woven seat. I do like the material on the panel they used to cover it up, I think it keeps it's old antique-y feel. The chair is a bit sticky on the back rungs, so I'll have to give it a good cleaning.

Here is another look at the divider and chair in a different light

My brother's cat, Gillie, who lives with us, has already claimed the chair as his own. He's been on it every day since it came into the house. :)

I'm hoping there will be more people doing big clean ups before the winter comes!

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