Friday, September 5, 2014


The other day I came across a move out haul in the country.

I was loading stuff into my car when this white cat came up and jumped on the pile meowing at me. He came down and started weaving around my legs, head butting them and continuing to meow.

There was a farmer off by a barn in the little lot next door tinkering on his tractor, so I asked him what was going on with all the stuff at the house. He replied that he didn't know, that the people just left, they took off.
I don't know if he was renting the barn, or if he was the landlord that cleaned all the stuff out of the house, but I started piling everything into my car. The cat kept meowing at me and jumped into my car and sat on the pile of stuff I had loaded in there.

I started to suspect that he may have belonged to the former tenants. I checked him out and he was neutered, he was a pet, not some barn cat used to chase the mice away. He was skinny and missing some teeth, so I also figured that he was at least 10 years old, if not older. One of the bags I looked into also had kitty litter and poop in it... This pretty much confirmed to me that they had left him behind.

I wasn't sure what to do. I knew my husband would kill me if I brought home another cat...I started to close the back hatch of my van (it's automatic and beeps) and as it slowly went down I thought "Ok kitty, if you stay in the van, you're coming home with me, and if not...well, I don't know..." It was almost down all the way when he hopped out. Damn.

It wasn't far to get home, but man I was really troubled on the drive home about him being left behind. I always joke to my husband about picking up cats that I see on the side of the road and rescuing them, and he always says "Don't even think about it!", but this was different...

I got into the house and my husband could see something was wrong by the look on my face. He said "What's wrong?" and I said "I'm very upset.." and then I started to blubber and cry about the poor old cat that was left behind and he told me "Baby, go back and get the cat."

These people had also left a dog crate at the curb, so I put that back into my van, got a bowl with some cat food, put it inside and went back. Kitty hopped into my car right away, got into the crate to eat, I shut the door, and drove him back home.

A bit apprehensive when he first came in

He's a bit of a surely sounding old man, but very friendly and chill. He had my lab trained to do his bidding in about an hour, all the other cats don't even care that he's here, and he just walks around like he's always lived here. My kids named him Marvin Finelstein. He's pretty awesome. :)

As for the other stuff I got from the pile, there was the crate that I used to bring Marvin home in. I think it was used for showing chickens as the little feeder on the side still has some small gravel like stones in it. There is also a number plate still attached to the side as well which I think must have been for judging..


There were garbage bags full of clothes...

After sorting them, I ended up with a collection of:
5 bras, 15 jeans, 4 shorts, 3 3/4 pants (cullottes?), 3 sport pants, 2 skirts, 9  men's t-shirts, 6 ladies shirts, 5 tank tops, 6 sweaters, 5 zip-up sweaters, 2 polos, 15 pairs of socks, 2 jackets, 1 dress , and 1 lingerie set.

Some of the brand names were: Dynamite, Jessica Sport, Hilfiger Denim Red Label, J2, MXM, Contrast (Reitmans), Pointe Zero, Roadrunner, Fubu, Reebok, Oxygen, Calvin Klein,
AE Sport, and Cherokee

Some of the nicer pieces...

There was also a box with 10 baby sleepers in idea why this picture keeps coming in upseide down...

A bag full of baby toys and 2 matching candle holders

A pair of suede slouchy boots

2 baseball hats and a little marijuana pipe

A bin full of paint rollers, brushes, a case of cassettes, and more 45 lps than I'll ever know what to do with

I just grabbed it for the free bin anyways. I'll keep the painting stuff as I'm planning to paint my walls and those ugly floors, but the rest will be donated.


Other various things included: a one dollar coin "loonie" piggy bank, a lenticular 3D space puzzle, a french brain memory game, a french dictionary, cell phone ear buds, ceramic duck book ends, eye glasses spray on cleaner, a toothbrush still in the package, 2 little mouse figurines, a small stuffed bear, 2 pairs of earrings still on the packaging, hair clips, tweezers, various hardware like clips, screws and a locking mechanism with key, sewing stuff like plastic grids, a crochet hook, elastic, and 3 cross stitch cloths(?) of a house in the summer, in the winter and of a mill,4 fabric placemats and a small fabric drawstring sack.


They were also throwing away a large aquarium with the stand, but I didn't don't have room to take that in.  I saw wet plants and gravel in one of the trash bags, but no dead fish, so after what they did to Marvin, I'm guessing the fish probably got flushed. :( I did manage to save the filter, aerator stone and pump, and the heater. There is also a working alarm clock radio, an actual Tupperware brand container, a shot glass a glass glass, a plastic cup, an angle figurine, a "Caillou" kids bowl, a spoon holder, a carving tool that holds it's own various blades, and the cell phone USB cord that goes with the ear buds.

Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff!

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