Friday, September 5, 2014

The vintage type

Another garbage night, another bunch of treasures! This hobby is so fun :) One of the first things I picked up this night was a vintage typewritter in it's case.This one is a lot older than the usual ones I pick up, but still electric. It's a Smith Corona Electra 220, and was made in 1969. There is some rust on the case hinges, but the typewritter itself is in excellent condition.

The rest of my route didn't produce anything. I was pretty much giving up and taking the last road home when I came upon a nice big pile. This house wasn't for sale or anything, so I guess they just had a big clean up.

I found one bag full of various little knickknack toys, an old Cassette player/radio, some kind of electric voltage tester, and a bag full of golf balls and tees.

There was a vintage french Monopoly game, that was well kept. All cards, and pieces still accounted for.

This vintage bandage tin was full of gold christmas beaded garland. I'm donating the beads, but keeping the tin for display in my bathroom. The old pictures of the bandaged people kind of make me chuckle :p

There was also a white lamp

A bunch of VHS movies

And conveniently a VCR to go with them. I don't know about you guys, but my kids have gone through VHS movies and DVDs and they did a lot less damage to the VHS movies. Our DVDs are so scratched, and a few have even cracked and broke. 

I couldn't believe this Easy Bake oven was complete and still in the box. I plugged it in and even the lightbulb was still working! There were 2 mixes included, but I threw those out not knowing how old they may have been. 

 Lastly, I grabbed all of this stereo equipement. There is a Sony digital synthesizer, a Magnavox single CD disk player, and an RCA 5 CD disk player.

My husband testing it all out. Yup, it all works just fine.

My husband loves the synthesizer, it's more modern that the one he has, so we'll be keeping that for our stereo. The rest shall all be donated like usual!

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