Thursday, August 28, 2014

Been busy!

Wow, It's been just over 20 days since I have posted. We've been really busy trying to cram in as much fun stuff as possible before summer vacation ends. The kids are going back to school in 5 days (hurray!) so life should be getting back to normal again soon.

Being away camping and on day trips meant I missed a few garbage days, and on some days the weather didn't co-operate either. I still managed to get lots of good stuff anyways, so, let's get on with the finds!

About 2 weeks ago my husband came home from work and alerted me to a pile he spotted on the next road over. He told me to just look for the blue desk. It was already getting dark but the pile and blue desk were easy to spot. Here is the whole haul once I brought it into the house...

The reusable bags were in a box, so that came in really handy when I was loading everything up. Here's a look at all the stuff inside. I think this was a landlord clearing out the house after the tenants left all this behind. There was cleaning supplies, soaps, lightbulbs, and razors still in the package, toiletries like shampoo, perfume, baby body cream, detangler, sanitary pads, candles, baby food, a web cam and a french Baby Alive doll

 There was also a cute little espresso CafĂ© Latte set

The night light still worked

I thought this was an interesting item. It seems to be a shoe horn or spoon souvenir from the smallest house in Great Britain.

There was also lots of clothing, mainly children's

All washed and folded

I actually sold the blue desk through a virtual garage sale site a few days ago for $15 :)

My next run produced an old type writer and a Logitech computer speaker woofer. I wasn't sure if people still wanted these kinds of type writers, but I saw they were selling them at the second hand store for $20.00, so I guess somebody is buying them!

Next stop had a few crafty things in a bag, there was 2 wood burnt pictures- one an owl and one a hummingbird, a plain wood plaque, 2 complete dominos games (we kept one for camping), a bag of decorative cord and a cut out family of felt.

There was also this cute swatch of fabric in the bag, so I think I might use it to make something for the kids.

At the last stop I picked up 2 old suitcases. A friend of mine takes old suitcases and paints them for her displays at the farmer's market, so she was thrilled to get these. I can't wait to see how they turn out, however I don't think the farmer's market will be running much longer. Anyone else notice how much shorter the days are getting?

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