Thursday, August 7, 2014

Broken Rule

Here is another pick up that has me scratching my head. I spotted a large pile so I went to take a look. This box says "Garbage" on it and was sitting on top of a broken wicker cabinet.

 I looked inside to see what it might contain, and found...

Tonnes of paper!

My kids are having a field day with it, building all kinds of stuff with the fun coloured paper. The note book was pretty much empty too, except for the first few pages which contained a bunch of "Pot Jokes" Click the image to enlarge to read a few.

 You gotta wonder though, why was a box full of paper marked as garbage and put with the garbage instead of with the recycling??

This pink swing and bike helmet were found together on top of another pile...they will be going to the second hand store.

This box of stuff was found almost directly across the street from a donation box :( Why did they choose to throw it out instead of taking a few minutes to walk down the street to throw it in the donation box?

I brought it home to wash it all, and inside was...

A Barbie sheet and pillowcase

A black fleece blanket, and a handmade knitted blanket...

A large piece of fuzzy material, and a fuzzy pillow

The next couple of stops got the following...

Garden planters

This book. It gave me a chuckle, but I'm sure this will come in handy to a senior who still isn't tech savvy.

A cute little CD Radio.
If my husband didn't already have a radio in his workshop, he'd take this one, but I'm sure someone else might want one in theirs!

My son was in the car with me when I spotted this crate, so I pulled up and told him to hop out for me and put it in the van. He didn't roll his eyes and protest as much as I thought he would LOL 

As I've mentioned before, one of my rules is that I don't take any furniture unless it's really something special because I have no room to store it. This time I broke it. I came across a large pile and checked it out. It was mostly dirty baby strollers, car seats, other junk, and a crib. I walked away back to my car and drove off. However, it didn't take me long to turn around and go back for the crib. 

The other baby stuff was gross, but the crib was really nice, could be properly cleaned (it was just a bit dusty), and someone somewhere in need will really appreciate it. It was just too nice to end up in a landfill. So down my seats went, and into the car I slid the crib. Because it's in pieces and flat, at least it will be easy to store and be out of the way until I properly clean it and am able to load up my car on a kid free day to bring a bunch of stuff to the second hand store.

After cleaning out my car the other day, I found this old pair of safety glasses under one of the seats. I had pulled it out of a pile a few months ago and quickly threw it onto my passenger seat, but I guess it ended up falling down and getting under. I forgot all about them until now LOL

And as promised in my last entry, I leave you with a picture of my garden with the Moon Lights on. I love seeing their warm glow at night. One of the lights was burnt out, but last week it mysteriously started working again! I guess the bulb was just a bit loose.

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  1. The pot head joke writer has really nice printing, but perhaps needs to learn potato, rather than 'patato'. ;-)