Friday, January 15, 2016

Auto Mini

These finds for this entry are from November, and as you'll see in some of the pics, the grass was still nice and green. We had a really late winter in 2015 and it was great :) I'm not really that motivated to go out in the winter because I loathe the cold, and lots of stuff at the curb ends up buried in snow. I hate getting my hands cold and wet just to find something has gotten ruined by the snow, plus I find people aren't as eager to clean out in the winter, so there aren't as many piles and finds either. I was really happy that November and December were green...Thank you garbage gods! :)

So here is a look at what I picked up during the nice balmy month of November...

The best pile I came across had 2 big blue Rubbermaid bins stacked at the curb by the garbage can. I stopped because the top bin had no lid and I could clearly see brand new Christmas lights still  in their packaging sitting right on top. I grabbed that one, and then peeked in the one underneath with the lid and saw a bunch of Harry Potter books, so I grabbed that one too.

Inside the bin with the lights were various knickknacks. Some stuff was still packaged and unused, like some candles and picture frames, you can see above a grass hula skirt still in the package sticking out. All of that stuff went into boxes for the second hand store.

The lights of course worked perfectly

The bin also contained this nice glass cake dome and plate still in the box seemingly completely unused. I ended up quickly selling this for $10

The bin with the lid held the best stuff though. In addition to the Harry potter books that I could see on top, there was a bunch of other papers and notebooks hiding the good stuff at the bottom. Underneath there were tonnes of things that I ended up donating like Harry Potter picture frames, Harry Potter key chains, Hermione and Harry dolls, and a wooden box that looked like a spell book.

 The wooden box held a bunch of these Harry Potter collector coins which I sold for $30

The bin also contained this sweet little porcelain communion set

And something that looked like a small book. 
I noticed that it opened, and inside I found...

On the left are some .925 silver pieces, in the middle are some "junky" religious icons, and on the right are some 10k gold pieces. Awesome!

Other things I picked up...

This airplane crate that supposedly held a dog. It's totally clean inside, well built, and secure, so I'll probably end up contacting a rescue to see if they can use it

2 different clothes drying racks. These fold flat and can be wheeled around. People on my selling site go nuts for these, so they were an easy sell at $15 each

This barely used self healing cutting mat for crafts

This beautiful girls bike was tossed because the people were moving. There was another bigger mountain bike with it, but I didn't have anymore room for it, so I hope someone else grabbed it.

This cute rocking horse bobs his head up and down and makes horse noises when a button on it's ear is pressed.

A cute kids camping chair set

This nice wine rack. Not a thing wrong with it, I guess it just wasn't someone's taste anymore

Original price tag underneath...

A bunch of these goalie sticks were sticking out of the top of a bin . My son loves being a street hockey goalie, so I knew I had to grab them for him. He freaked when he saw them. Some are like new!

This one might even have an autograph on it, but I really cant be sure.

These Christmas garlands

I did a little giggle of joy when I spotted this sweet vintage Auto-Mini bike at someones curb.

The coolest part is that it folds in half for easy transport. So cool! It just needs a bit of cleaning up and it will be good to go. Looking online, this bike can sell for up to $150. I coincidentally already have another vintage folding bike which I also picked out of someone's garbage about 20 years ago that has held up amazingly after all these years. These things were built to last :)

On another night I was being a bit lazy about going out and had ended up leaving about 45 minutes later than usual. I was kicking myself in the car on the way thinking that I was probably missing all the good stuff to the other scrappers that I know also go around, so I wasn't expecting to find anything great.

However, I was completely shocked when I found this at one of my first stops...

 Who the heck just throws this away??

Yes, it totally works. It barely has a scratch on it and still has a piece of plastic protective covering at the top of the...arm? I have no idea what it's called...the top where all the strings tie up and where the twisty things are to tighten them.

My parents came by, and my Dad who plays guitar, tried it out and tuned it. He was as amazed as I was that someone just tossed it.

Also in that town I took home...

This nice framed print

And a vintage flip clock radio. 
I have been wanting one of these forever but never managed to find one at garage sales or thrift stores, and here I found one just sitting right out in the open on top of someones pile.

And these guys that I call "The Triplets" 

I found one fan at one place, and the other 2 I found together at another place. Since I hadn't found much else in this town, and my car was relatively empty, I decided to take a chance on them. They all work beautifully! I have 3 kids and they all have their own rooms, so now they are all getting their own fans for the summer time. I felt like Oprah that day..."You get a fan! You get a fan! And you get a fan! Everyone gets a fan!" LOL

That's it for now! I hope you can have your own Oprah moment :) 
Keep looking out for treasures, and happy picking!


  1. Wow - what great finds! The cutting mat - can't believe someone just threw that away - they are expensive. Those clocks can sell for a pretty penny. And I love the kiddie camping chair set because I love animal print anything, especially the zebra! I want to know who throws away Christmas lights in November. I'm sure there are some funny stories behind some of the garbage.

  2. We don't have the same sort of thing in the UK .......but i wish we did!

  3. If it's the same as in Dutch the thing on top of the guitar neck is called the head :)
    Great finds again, can't believe the jewelry!

  4. That Specialized girls bike is a VERY nice bike. They cost a good bit more than the crap you see at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. and have to be bought at proper bike shops. I'm jealous, LOL.

  5. hillarious! My Bf wants that cutting board and I've been hoping to find a drying rack myself! I found a working set of amp/speakers for a guitar yesterday in a recycling bin, boggles my mind.

  6. I'll take that necklace with "R". ��

  7. Some kid got the guitar for Christmas, and soon the family realized it was a horrible match, the kid couldn't play one bit. So one garbage day, after the kid has gone to school, the parents put the guitar in the garbage, to end the noise.