Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The resell chain

This time while driving around, I found a rather large pile which seemed to be either from a move out or a divorce. I've noticed that in this town there are now a few more people that have been catching on to this "garbage picking" thing on the first of the month. It's great to see more people out there saving treasures, however, that also means more competition for me :p It also means I have to try to get out earlier in the night to get the good stuff before anyone else does. While going through this pile I noticed 3 other picker cars and trucks slowly driving by checking out the pile and watching me. I gotta say, it kind of felt good getting there first :P

The pile did pay off pretty well, here's some of the stuff I managed to bring home...

A like new Adidas gym bag

 A cane which one of my kids used for part of his halloween costume

A new art easel

This nice decorative bowl with fake grapes

A stainless steel kettle, clean and working

Another like new gym bag from Nike

Various tools

I also checked out this gym bag which was a bit heavy and had a familiar rattle to it...

Once again, somebody was throwing out money...

All rolled up and ready for the bank, a total of $3.72

Not a fortune, but it all ads up :)

At various other spots around town I picked up...

10 traffic cones and 3 different exercise balls. My kids had a blast with these and made their own obstacle course around the yard.

These vintage placemats. 
The cat one had a matching cup mat, but I couldn't find a match in the box they were in for the dog one.

This bathroom cabinet

 A kids chalkboard and easel

This vintage Kraft peanut butter jar that has a slot in the lid to turn it into a piggy bank.

A beach umbrella that I used in my kids sandbox

I totally hit the brakes when I saw this awesome telephone table. I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna revamp it, or sell it as is.

In the dark of the night, I spotted this mid century modern sideboard sitting at the curb with another dresser. I stopped to take a look at it and noticed it had a cracked leg (probably the reason it was tossed) and a few other minor imperfections. I gave it a "test lift" and it weighed a ton. My car was already a bit full, so I hesitated and then decided to leave it and drive off.  However, after thinking it through, and knowing mid-century stuff is really popular these days, I turned around at the top of the road. I had to be crazy to not at least try, because this could get me a good amount of money.

I got back and started hauling stuff around in my car to make room. I really have no idea how the heck I got it into my car by myself, but once I started, I couldn't just stop in the middle of it. Someone drove by and watched me struggle (Thanks for the help there buddy!) but in the end with a lot of heaving, sweating and straining, I finally managed to get it in.

Isn't it cool looking?


Here is the inside

So, taking into account the cracked leg, a few chips on the veneer, a missing chain on the drop down drawer front, and a few other small marks and stains, I listed it on one of my selling sites for a modest $125.

It was jumped on pretty much right away which had me think for a moment that I should have listed it higher, but oh well, what can you do. A lady came to pick it up, and then the next day someone informed me that this woman was a reseller and that I could now find my sideboard on Craigslist.

Sure enough there she was...


There's that broken chain hanging down on the left...

According to my little source, it sold within the hour. The only thing we don't know is if she got her asking price. Even if she did, I made my profit, she made hers, everyone is happy.

I'm just another link in the resale chain, but it pays well :)

As always, keep looking out for treasures, and happy picking!


  1. Great sideboard story! You found a nice piece and your instinct told you to go back and save it. And it cost not one red cent - just some sweat equity. You sold it for 100% profit - woo hoo! Someone bought it for a great price and flipped it. That buyer was probably thrilled. So that seller now has cash and she will probably spend it to buy more inventory - maybe even from you again! You should be proud of yourself - that is one of the BEST examples of coming full circle doing what you do! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yup, I thought about it some more and basically, I picked up a piece of furniture for somebody and was paid $125. That's a pretty sweet deal. I'm also so glad this piece didn't get crunched up by the truck, what a shame that would have been!

  2. Beautiful sideboard and so impressed you wrangled it into your vehicle by yourself!!! And you made a decent junk of change on it :)

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