Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Acer move

I'm going to squeeze in a small entry before I get too swamped with the upcoming large item pick up and the Easter holidays. I only came across one good pile last week in front of a house with a moving/sold sign.

There were a few boxes of junk out at the curb, mostly filled with broken stuff. There was a dismantled cat tree and a cat wandering around the road, so I really hope they didn't leave their pet behind. The cat was too scared to come near me, so I'll probably never know. 

I initially stopped because I saw this reusable shopping bag filled with mason jars.

There didn't seem to be much else, but just before leaving I decided lift their recycle bin lid to have a peek inside. Bingo! Looks like this was where all the good stuff was hiding.

Inside was this cordless drill with a charger and extra battery. Cosmetically it looks a little bit beat up, but it runs just fine.

This lamp set was unscrewed and collapsed inside. I put it all back together at home and everything works.

As you can see though, someone painted a little flying ace bunny on the taller lamp...

It looks like they started to draw out a car on the smaller light, but it was only a faint outline in pencil which I managed to erase. I was thinking about how to get the bunny off the lamp, but when I looked underneath the shade, it looked like the person had gone over their pencil line with permanent marker before paining it in, so I guess it's on there to stay. 

Various other things I pulled out of bags jammed in there were a pair of strap on exercise weights, a hand held mattress pump, a baby bottle warmer, Christmas gift stickers, a small Creative Memories scrapbook, a knit mug cozy, a child's eyeglasses case, a stainless steel water bottle from La Ronde amusement park in Montreal, a set of fake glue on nails, and an iphone 4 box with earbuds still inside...

3 throw pillow covers, a LancĂ´me make-up bag, a pair of one size fits all gloves, 2 baby shirts and a pair of pants...

An aerobics dvd (I guess this goes with the weights), a romantic music cd, 2 small porcelain dishes , some pins, batteries still in the package, kiddy flossing tools, and 60 cents...

Next I grabbed a bag which I thought had a portable DVD player inside, but once I got home and pulled it out, it turned out to be an Acer laptop with all the cords. I charged it up and it worked! This is coming in really handy right now because last night my husband got the black screen of death on his desktop computer! Eep!

The next morning I had to go out, so while I cruised through the neighbourhood, I picked up this leather motorcycle side bag. It looks in perfect condition, and inside is the instructions and hardware to install it. It was one of 2, but the other one was completely destroyed. I don't know if this has any sellability (is that even a word?) because I assume the bike would need 2 equal bags for balance, so I'll probably just bring this to the second hand store.

All in all, a good little haul. Since the weekend was nice and sunny, I'm hoping people had a bit of the cleaning bug, and that there will be lots of treasures waiting for me at the curb for the firsts of the month!


  1. Why would you throw out a good working laptop? Give it to somebody!!
    Nice finds again.

  2. a laptop! Super useful find. Lots of other interesting stuff as well. Hope you do well over the easter break

  3. What kind of camera do you use? Just curious, all your shots are very nice and clear. The composition is also really good, but that's you and not the camera, ha ha.

    1. Thanks Martin :) I try and keep as much of my house crap out of the background as I can, unless it looks nice :P
      At first I used a Canon PowerShot A570 IS in the beginning of the blog, but it conked out on me, so for Christmas I got a Canon PowerShot A2400 IS. I usually use it on the low light setting with no flash, or on Automatic with no flash. I try to stay away from using the flash if I can get away with it because I find it looks unnatural. I also have a Canon Rebel that I got a few years ago which would probably take better pictures, but I just find it so big and clunky, that I almost never use it.

    2. That's funny, I use a very similar camera (the Powershot A2200). It's just a little bit older than yours I guess. Those little point and shoots can take great pictures. Canon especially seems to be a quality brand.