Monday, June 30, 2014

Donation & trepidation

Yesterday I brought a bunch of stuff to the second hand store. They weren't open so I had to leave everything by their front doors. There is a roof over everything so it will all be safe in case it rains.

 I did a quick little run last night that didn't produce much. I only managed to pick up a small flat screen computer monitor that I'll also bring to the second hand store on my next drop off.

I also spotted this awesome old pram. I didn't pick it up because I have no room for it, but I sure hope someone else will.

There was another pile that looked promising in front of some condos, but as I drove by to look, I noticed a few people on their balconies watching me. I got a little self conscious and decided to bail. I hate that there is still a stigma attached to garbage picking, that it is considered dirty and/or gross, or that people will think that about me. :(

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